Sebastian Wyss

Grafik, Webentwicklung, Digitale Medien, Webdesign, Programmierung, Musik, Sound Design

Basel, Schweiz

Hey! I'm Sebastian Wyss, an independent designer and web developer with a background in sound and graphic design. Let's work together!


I made a pattern-generator that builds and animates graphics like this. You can make your own animations with an editor that is available on bigger screens.

You can make your own animations:

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Lehrplan 21 is an updated concept for the curriculum at Swiss primary schools. While it offers many opportunities, its complexity can be overwhelming. More than 2000 competencies are organized into nested categories and subcategories in the curriculum. This app was developed for Mirroco and is based on their design language. Users can explore the LP21 and learn about the structure and terminology, or just look around.

Junge Grafik


Junge Grafik is a young association that provides a platform for graphic design students in Switzerland. The website was designed by Jonas Keusch and programmed by me.


Image source: Scewo


Wheelchair by Scewo. I created the UI sounds.

Our Atmosphere

Here a video about Iceland's efforts to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. The project was conducted by Gagarín and animated by AJFX. I was involved in creating the storyboard and the illustrations.

Floating Gardens

Kobal-Grafik designed this website for an upcoming real estate project. The soundscape that underscores the nature theme was done by me.

Heart of Iceland

The exhibition «Heart of Iceland» is located in Iceland's Þingvellir National Park. The site has great symbolic importance: it's where the Vikings had their annual Alþingi and it's the place of Iceland's geological creation. Gagarín realized the interactive exhibition where visitors can learn about these things. As part of the team, I was involved in conceptualizing installations, designing UI's, creating content and illustrations. The exhibition has received multiple awards, including the Red Dot Design Award for «Educational Illustration».

Mechanical Display

This is my final assignment at Fachklasse Grafik. I like how a mechanism consisting of a few parts can create beautiful movements and morphing shapes. It's even more interesting when these mechanisms are combined to work as an ensemble. With this in mind, I developed a building system for assembling mechanical displays. Above you can see a 4-by-4-pixel display, controlled with an Arduino. The project was chosen for the «zeugindesign-Stiftung Förderpreis 2017».

Lava Center

Image source: Gagarín

During my internship at Gagarín my task was to create the illustrations and infographics for an interactive exhibition about Iceland's volcanology. The Lava Center is located between some of the most important Icelandic volcanoes. I learned to pronounce «Eyjafjallajökull» too.



Bewitched by the singing of a mermaid, a sailor loses his mind and disappears in the depth of the ocean. I used snippets of «Der Fischer», a poem by Goethe.



The sculpture illustrates a short and violent story by Daniil Ivanovich Yuvachov: «Mashkin killed Koshkin». The title is also a concise summary of the plot. Mashkin kills Koshkin with a punch. I made the sculpture during a project at Fachklasse Grafik.